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Recruitment Process Outsoucing
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HR consultancy

Recruiting for confidential key positions through market intelligence, research and direct head hunting techniques.


Recruiting for confidential key positions through market intelligence, research and direct head hunting techniques.
Outsourced Staffing

De Novo Polygon has experience in contractual manpower recruitment contracts, having won quite a few term contracts in the government sector via competitive bidding.

We have also provided outsourced manpower to UNICEF, TRIFAC, AKVN and Pollution Control Board besides a couple of corporate.
Recruitment Process Services

We also provide qualified and experience manpower to meet your organization's staffing requirements from top, middle and junior level Companies continue to look for ways to foster growth and drive success in a changing economy, Recruitment Process Outsourcing offers a great opportunity to improve effectiveness, control costs and outsource non-core competencies. Strategic RPO combines strategy and expertise covering all facets of talent acquisition. Customized solutions integrate talent acquisition strategy, global recruiting resources, competency-based methodologies, and a flexible service delivery model that enable clients to identify, attract and retain top talent.
Career Transition Support

We offer Career Transition to our customers when they need to outplace some of their employees who become redundant due to various reasons. Our consultants are able to quickly understand the profiles of the candidates, enable them to enhance their profiles and position themselves better with prospective employers. Our knowledge of the market, customer base and ability to develop a possible list of target organizations help generate optimum results.
  HR Consulting

Organization Design and Structuring
Performance Management
Compensation Management
Employee Engagement
Payroll Processing

Payroll management is an essential service, in the HR spectrum and is also perhaps the most complex. It requires a high degree of planning, efficient work allocation, rigorous quality adherence and agility. Choosing the right payroll partner would be a critical first step in maximizing the gains for any company.

Our payroll outsourcing unit offers error free payroll processing to our clients through a fully customized payroll engine that helps to process multiple clients with varied complexity. The engine is fully integrated with and Employee Self Service window that facilitates employee interaction and Client Self Service window that shares payroll related MIS with client through a secured web network.
Statutory Compliance Outsourcing

We have a full-fledged expert team for statutory compliance management, where we handle PF, PT, ESIC, LWF, contract labour, shops and establishment act compliance for companies
  Employee Lifecycle Management solutions

Include the whole gamut of HR processes, Payroll services with statutory compliances which include
Human resource planning
Recruitment & hiring
Joining documentation
Time & attendance
Leave/vacation management
Claims & reimbursements
Employee self service
Performance management & training
Organisation change
E-seperation - full & final settlement
Payroll processing & statutory campliance
Lodgement services
Veritification for bills-non ctc reimbursem
On-board service
Recruitment Process Outsourcing

De Novo also under takes Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) assignments where in we would take over the hiring issues of the company and keep your strength at 100% at all times at the locations given to us. Our well developed procedures and methods accelerate hiring times. Our testing and interviewing techniques ensures improved quality of candidates who are short listed.

We shall take over company's internal recruitment function for a portion. We shall be providing and managing the entire recruiting/hiring process from job profiling through the on boarding of the new hire. We shall improve a company's time to hire, increase the quality of the candidate pool, reduce cost and improve governmental compliance. De Novo claims that the solution offers improvement in quality, cost, service and speed.